Give your business All of yourself, it gives you some.

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Many people seek the high positions in gaining profit, but they almost always seek the easy way. Business is not a lottery, it’s not something you gamble with, it’s not also a game. Business is a life journey. You decide to take or leave. Once you are engaged to it, there is no divorce ever. Business will stick to you in life as your sweetest dream or worst nightmare. even though you quit in the future you will always remember how much years of your life you wasted in it. Therefore business is a commitment, once you decide to be engaged to it, you should give it your full potential. You should give it your full attention, and your full time. You should indulge it, and treat it well. once you prove to your business that you are 100% loyal to it, it will start to give you back some of it’s fruits. You will start to gain profit, till the time comes for you to hand it over to someone you trust in. Someone you know will take good care of your loved Business.

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