Be aware of Increasing your Cost by Saving Some Money

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As I walk in my daily tasks, I witnessed a lot of good people trying to start up their business. What made me write this short article is how deceiving business can be. Almost all of these people are trying to save their money while starting up their business. They try not to waste it on a business plan written by professional, not to waste it on a respectful decoration firm, not waste it on a hard working project manger, and the list is too long on saving their money. what happened is they tried to do everything their selves to save some money, and that caused them more cost. The decoration they made wasn’t matching the quality and standards they expected, they started to pay rents while still their shops are not active in production, and just everything seems not falling in place yet.


We started up our last shop lately next to some new shops under work owned by some of these saving good people. We rented our shop after one month later than them, now it’s been a month and we achieved our startup goal. But our good neighbors are still saving and did not finish up their shops to start production. What happened they spent on their shops just as we spent on our, but the only difference is we spent to start production, and they spent it on the rent.

Our Experience is yours, if you are a fresher and starting up your first business, you can visit us at our new branch and ask for our service. we grantee you achieving the goal of production before starting to pay your expenses.

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