Business Plan

All our Business plans are not copied and pasted like many others do, our Business plans are written customised based on our daily consulted discussions with you on how your business will be born, grow, and achieve the goals and vision.

Our Business Plan Structure will be as follows:

  1. Overview: we mention the story of the business, the idea, the ownership, the goals, vision, mission, and why your business should be chosen.
  2. Executive Summary: A maximum of two page summary of your business plan that you can use for pitching to investors without showing all your secrets.
  3. Marketing plan: Mentioning your market segmentation, Marketing targets, Marketing strategies, Marketing methods, Marketing Campaigns, Competitive advantages, and Benchmarks.
  4. Production Plan: Mentioning your List of Products and Services, how to produce them, area needed to produce them, manpower needed to produce them, machines needed to produce them, materials needed to produce them, tools and equipment needed to produce them, time needed to produce them, cost of each thing we mentioned.
  5. Accounting Plan: Mentioning the sheets you need to be generated, how the process of selling and buying will be recorded, how the proof of payments will be archived, who will do the process, what software will be used, what forms needed to be signed for receiving  or sending cash or assets, and by who.
  6. Legal Plan: Mentioning the legal process needed to form the company, issuing the visas, contracts needed for employees, clients, partners, suppliers, and what clauses needed for each contract.
  7. IT Plan: Mentioning all the it needed activates for the business, all the devices needed for it, who will install them in the business, and who will daily run them.
  8. HR Plan: Mentioning all the needed Job titles, job descriptions, salaries, hiring timeline, procedure of finding the candidates by hiring or head hunting, Procedure of hiring, Test Period, Probation Period, Procedure of all Rights and responsibilities, and procedure of terminating.
  9. Management Plan: Mentioning how and who will manage to make all other plans and departments do their full responsibilities and get their full rights.
  10. Operational Plan: Mentioning the process between all Plans how and who will keep connecting running together.
  11. Contingency Plan: Mentioning the probable crisis affecting the business directly, indirectly, how to avoid what can be avoided, how to reduce loss from what cannot be avoided, how to make sure production will keep running in crisis, how to deal with running expenses when something goes wrong.
  12. Exit Plan: Mentioning the step by step process of shutting down the business, getting rid of all the overheads, expenses, and liabilities. When to be sure it must be done, who will be responsible to do it with the legal power of attorney, and when is it time to open again. If not opening again what should be done to all the assets and materials remaining in the business.

Business Plan Booking


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