Ain Meem is a business consultancy firm which offers variety of services that support businesses’ requirements such as:

innovative ideas, feasibility study, strategic advice, consulting, business planning, designing, branding, products management, developing, plan implementation, start up, and project management.


Ain Meem was established in 18th March 2008.


Ain Meem services aims to reduce your cost, increase your profit, allow you to  focus on achieving your business goals and to focus on your strategic planning. If you are considering: starting a new business, expanding your current business, developing your business, or facing issues in such as: insufficient returns or resources, lack of management time or difficulties in managing clients’ expectations, Ain Meem will provide you with intelligent solutions, business consultation and support.



Why are we doing this business?

We are doing this challenge because we are fighters & we believe in surviving.

Surviving as smart intelligent human beings, that live to think, develop and produce. To give and not just take, to produce with trust, honor, and dignity.

We do this challenge because we are different, because we do not know how not to be innovative.

We never chose to be who we are, we are meant to be Ain Meem, but you still have the choice to be one of us.

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Feasibility Study

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Business Marketing

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