Consultancy Quote:

"A consultant to be worth his salt must give honest (Consultancy) judgments not necessarily those which he thinks the clients would like to hear." -Andrew Thomas

Our Services

Consultancy Sessions

Information is the most powerful asset in the modern competitive market, one hour consultancy in all your decisions defiantly will open your eyes for the better choices, and will benefit you a lot of value in profits and avoiding loss.

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Business Plan

Before starting your business you will definitely need to know exactly where you are going, what is your destination, and how to get back. You will need a road map that all of your team members including you will understand and follow in order to succeed in your business journey.

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Business Locations

Most of the businesses that failed made the simplest same mistake. "Not following the 4 L's theory in marketing" Choosing the right location for the right business is one of the most important things to succeed. It has nothing to do with choosing traffic, nice places or else. It is a proper study for letting your target customers happily reach you.

Interior Design and Branding

When it comes to Business interiors it is not depending only on taste, it also depends on your Brand matching and your target customers psychology attraction and comfort. We build you the whole design in 3D until you are confident it is that best looks, colors, and structure for your business. Having a soft copy of your business design before spending your capital will save you a lot of losses and infrastructure mistakes.

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Business Implementation

When you start business, you should focus on running the business to it's goals, before reaching that task you will find yourself lost between construction work, piping, wiring, machines searching, and lots more. Lost in the quality, prices, and timelines. It is a whole project management process that we monthly do two to three times. For the same Capital we build your business with the best concept, decoration, machines, branded, and fully stocked. Ready for you to run by only receiving the keys from us.

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Business Management

The Difference between self employed and Business owner is, that Self employed work in their own business but Business owners have their business working for them with a full independent Management. We can provide you with a full hired management based on the size of your business and need, that will run your business for you based on your decisions, which also can be replaced whenever you feel it is not hitting your targets.

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Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

Marketing is a process, and some time you just get too busy with your operations, and personal life. Here where we can refresh your existence in the market by monthly or yearly marketing campaigns that will raise awareness to your target customers.

Building your Website

Once you start your business, a website is a must thing. It is your business ID, people will search for you to know your story, products, and locations. never underestimate having a professional website that will represent how professional you are. We build that website for you based on your business needs and requirements. Specially when your competitors are showing up on search engines and you are not, you should take action immediately.

Social Media & Bloggers

One of the major affecting factors on any business are the many social media platforms and bloggers. We build your existence in all of that professionally based on your target customers and business needs. We then hand you the accounts to manage or do it for you.

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