Ain Meem Safe Compass

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1- Replace the whole geometry metal box with one friendly simple light tool.
2- Draw all Shapes with better accuracy.
3- Protect all ages from dangerous needles accidents.
4- Develop our brains and mindsets to adopt change and think like inventors until we be one.




Geometry Uses for the Safe Compass

Upgrade your tringular skills

Upgrade your volume skills

Upgrade your slope skills

 Upgrade your area skills

Upgrade your distance skills

Upgrade your circular skills

Upgrade your surface skills

Upgrade your pythagorean skills

Upgrade your Right triangle skills



Partner Schools

Ibn Khuldoon National School

New Generation Private School

Beacon Private School


Become a Partner School

1- Provide the Safe Compass to all ages of your students for educational price or benefit from your margin.
2- Step out of the Schools crowd with out of the box creative thinking.
3- Be part of more developed educational life style.
4- Be part of testing and improving inventions.
5- Allow your students to represent you in the future as inventors born in your school.
6- Knowledge will never leave the pen, because the first creation of the Lord was the pen and told it to write everything going to happen, not digital computers.
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